Michael and Catheryn are Married! {The Nines Hotel, Portland, OR}

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An elegant, stylish couple. A gorgeous hotel. A love story. How could this photographer say no?
Though I'm not often a wedding photographer, I had such a wonderful time capturing Catheryn and Michael's intimate elopement at the Nines. 

Dashing groom Michael met me in the lobby with the news that the couples' gorgeously-lit, city view suite was not yet ready. No big deal. The laid back couple finished their wedding preparations in a more modest room. When Catheryn came out in her dress, I was totally wowed. She was so gorgeous!!!! The discovery that Catheryn had left her shoes at home? Well, it made for a bit of a hilarious scramble. Thankfully the officiant had arrived and was able to pick up a new pair. 

Their non-traditional ceremony was simultaneously laid back and elegant, void of the usual fluff, but no less romantic or emotional than any other I've captured. Their bond and love for each other was obvious.  

An intimate gathering of friends was held in the hotel restaurant, with drinks, appetizers and joy flowing. Such an honor to be there to capture it!

Congratulations Michael and Catheryn! 

Landree turns One {Children's Arboretum, Portland OR}

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My littlest baby is turning one! A year ago, she completed our family. She is the most perfect punctuation at the end of a wonderful chapter. 

Her curls are wild.  Her cheeks are delicious. She squeals and shrieks with such zeal and volume that heads turn everywhere we go.  Each day, we are finding out a bit more about her. 
She loves books! She loves dogs! She can eat bowl after bowl of Pumpkin Soup!  

She doesn't say "Mama" or "Dada" yet, but she can say "Kitty" and "Dog". She adores her older brother and sister, and other kids, in general, delight her. 

Landree, your joy rubs off on me daily. I am grateful to be the recipient of your giggles, open-mouthed kisses, snuggles, and love. Your Daddy and I think its the most wonderful mystery unraveling before us, getting to discover who you are, as we help you learn and grow. 

No matter what, we could not love you more. 

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Baby Ethan {Vancouver, WA }

Monday, December 16, 2013

Meet sweet baby Ethan! 

This adorable little man had me over to take his first portraits during November. I previously took maternity portraits for his mom and Dad, Michelle and James, and it turned out to be one of my favorite sessions of the year. 

 Alternately sleepy and awake, we were able to get a good variety of shots. His mom and dad are complete naturals at the early parenting game, Ethan is very lucky! 

Ethan, I'm looking forward to meeting back up for our next session in just 11 months time. I can't wait to see how much you have grown and changed!

Baby Evan {Vancouver, WA}

Friday, December 6, 2013

I felt so lucky to get to take Baby Evan's first portraits! 

His pretty Mama, Karri, contacted me in the summer to set up a newborn session. You never know if a baby will be early or late that far out, but Evan came right on time, and the date we picked worked out great! The weather also cooperated, so we had lots of beautiful window light to compliment Evan's newborn perfection.

Evan was so sleepy, handsome, compliant for the first half of our session. He then woke up, and I was able to also take some more interactive family shots, which is the best of both worlds.

Thank you, Evan and family, for such a wonderful session! I hope you love your photos.

Kai and Tate {Summer Lake Park, Tigard, OR}

Look how much little Tate has grown! I met up with him and the rest of his wonderful family on one of the fleeting days of fall in November. We had so much fun, and Tate and big brother Kai were so delightful! Kai is happy and active, jumping off of everything with gusto. Little Tate, or "Tater" as his family refers to him, has these amazing, piercing blue eyes that totally mesmerized me. Definitely a great pair to get to photograph! I'm so glad we were able to make it happen, Dixon family! As always, my camera loves your family.

Hannah, Cole and Emery {Salem, OR}

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What a fun session I had with my friend Julie and her gorgeous family! We met at the family farm, which included an incredible old barn that photographed beautifully, as well as a tractor and tire swing, and even some cow patties ( or were they horse patties?) this photographer stepped in once or twice. Ah, an authentic farm experience! Anyhow...

 Little Emery was dainty and beautiful, no wonder every person in the family dotes on her. Cole lit up when he was on the tractor, or in his Daddy's arms.  And Hannah remains so reminiscent of her Mom around the same age, graceful and stunning. Thank you Clark family, for such a unique session for this city girl.

 I hope we can do it again!

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